"The Secret of the Third Door" is a complete collection of inspiring books which introduces us to the dimension of certainty without doubts, and we cannot be impartial when we are faced with it: either we reject it or we accept it, and the personal and the objective things begin to have a new meaning. The books fill the empty space that touches men and women, they invite people to recognize themselves, to accept the truth and to change the meaning of existence. Embracing this task makes us walk along a path full of frictions and divisions, but it is a necessary path which only offers us peace.

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...Before you start reading the novel, I want you to know that it denies your existence... "THE REVELATION OF THE MYSTERIES" explains to us, outside any well-known theoretical or conceptual background, the creation of the world and the origin of men and women, their relationship with their creator and with the Universal God. Then, it incorporates the revelation about what and why Christ appeared and the ways he used to reveal Himself throughout time. Although these are complex topics, the book manages to make them easy to understand for the people in general by using the protagonist's story, a young man called Fermin, without the need to know anything about this subject beforehand.
"THE REVELATION OF THE MYSTERIES" allows us to conclude that men and their world are the creation of Mamon's illegitimate action. Mamon, the god of the world and the creator of duality, has been created by Lucifer without the Universal God's permission and everybody, the creators and the creatures, were thrown to planet Earth. Lucifer wants to transcend so he needs to recover the universal energy which was used without permission during the creation. In order to do this, he forms the Divine Alliance with the Universal God. Due to this alliance, Christ comes to the world to rescue that energy. As time went by, the Alliance was performed by several men and women, and in this book, we are told in detail how Christ and Mary of Magdala did it. At this point, there is a new version of the historical Jesus, of Magdalena, and the rest of the disciples, and there is also a reinterpretation of religions and the meaning of transcendence.

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The first book – out of a collection of five – invites us to go along the path of Truth. Men have asked themselves throughout history some essential questions. They could not find any answers for many of them, and some other fallacious answers have marked the course of the human condition. Some truths were hidden and changed by lies as if they were in a land of confusion.
And in this context, Fermin, like any other human being, begins this sublime adventure to discover himself and reveal the Truth, as he decides to live this experience to go through the Third Door without any conditions.
Behind that Door he finds the different dimensions which correspond to men after they transcend their human condition. The effects of all their deeds during their lives and their effects on their souls' destiny can be proved there. Besides they could go through a lot of experiences in the other world. It is a book with a lot of characters, with plenty of sceneries and different descriptions which allow the readers to live the story using their imagination as if they were watching a film and they were the main actors.
The time has come to know directly, without intermediaries who can condition our decisions and feelings. It is time to change and conquer freedom.

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